Our Team

SnapGroove’s dedicated team works across multi-industry sectors to support our customers with innovative strategies and ideas to make your business a success.  Our entire global community of partners are integral to the success of our team and yours.

Lori Kavle

Lori Kavle, CEO, Partner and Founder, Lead; All Industry

Lori brings 25 years of international experience from large fortune 500 companies to start-ups and emerging companies that are poised for growth.  Lori offers a broad-reaching approach to launch, partner, develop and commercialize new technologies, products and software applications.  Lori’s work in healthcare, biotech, federal and other industry sectors enables her to provide expert guidance in the areas of funding and business development strategies that encompasses sales, marketing, digital strategies and exportation.  Lori has been instrumental with combining the use of technologies with strategy to create successful outcomes to SnapGroove’s customers in the areas of  market expansion, revenue, growth and exit.

Phil Portrait 50
Phil Robertson, Lead Partner; All Industry, Technology & Digital Strategy

Phil has an extensive background in Business Development for product and services maximization using technology applications and digital media strategies.  Phil has worked with major corporations and across diverse vertical markets with high profile clients in Healthcare, Government, Banking and Financial.  Phil has an impeccable reputation for building and maintaining strong, solid relationships and has been an integral part of 3 startups going to successful exit.

Tim White Headshot
Tim White, Lead Partner; Security, Big Data & Federal Markets

Tim has in-depth knowledge in the areas of security, intelligence, big data analytics and the federal sector.  He has led interdisciplinary teams of executive management, subject matter experts and business development divisions for international clients and government contracting.  He is adept at combining business strategy with leading edge technologies.  His exceptional track record is a tremendous benefit to our clients. Tim has proudly served our country as a Major in the US Army.

Eleanor Prior, Lead; Social Media and Certified Virtual Events Specialist

Eleanor’s reputation proceeds her as the Owner of Las Vegas Tweetup and she is a formidable force in the social media business arena. Eleanor’s passion for social media and helping others is obvious with your first interaction with her.  Eleanor’s strong skill set allows her to assist our clients in learning the value in implementing and expanding their social media presence.  Eleanor truly shines when it comes to delivering social media strategies and expertise from the hard earned knowledge she delivers from years of experience in this field.

Kari Oakes
Kari Oakes, Lead; Biotech & Communications

Kari’s background as a clinician and her experience in a broad array of clinical and research environments brings real-world domain expertise to the team.  She has broad-reaching knowledge of challenges faced in both the civilian and government  settings.  Kari is a passionate writer and brings her journalistic talents to the team.  Kari has expertise in marketing content, contract, grant and proposal writing and has written for professional journals, blogs and online industry conference coverage.

Jesse Singer, Lead; Apps, Gaming & Software Development

Jesse has over 20 years of experience providing Apps, Gaming & Software Development. At Yahoo, Jesse was Product Lead for both the games and youth divisions. During his tenure there, Jesse was the first executive to manage a development team solely at Yahoo India. Prior to that, Jesse was Director of Game Development at Fox Kids where he was responsible game brand development for properties like Power Rangers, Digimon and Fox original content.  As a Project Manager and Game developer, Jesse is able deliver original, forward-thinking content on budget and on time.

Scott DevannyLead; Healthcare Strategy

Scott has over 25 years of experience in the healthcare space. He has built and managed sales and marketing teams from the ground up utilizing strategic planning, forecasting and distributor networks. Scott has consulted with venture capital and private equity funds to identify and analyze start-up companies in the healthcare and biotech industries. Utilizing market research and competitive analysis, he can give investment managers a real world assessment of a company’s acceptance and growth potential both strategically and operationally.

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